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Medipore H-Soft Cloth Surgical Tape

by 3M

Category: Wound Care

These soft, stretchy tapes are easy to use and easy on the skin. They're made of a porous, breathable material that conforms easily, with moderate stretch, to accommodate swelling or movement with less risk of skin injury. Use for securing post-surgical dressings, for curved body areas, for holding tubing or catheters and for repeated taping applications to preserve delicate skin. Tapes are supplied in easy-tear perforated rolls, so you don't need to use scissors or fuss with a paper liner. Tape won't curl or stick to itself, yet it affords excellent adhesion to the skin and is easy to remove. Medipore H soft cloth tapes, feature an increased level of gentleness and stronger adhesion for more challenging applications. Ideal as an anchor-tape skin-protection surface to which other tapes can be applied. Latex-free.

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Product Specifications

  • Size: 2,5cm x 9,14m

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